Only companies with sustainability driven business model which serve well defined purpose are able to deliver long term value for society and stakeholders.

If you share this vision, we can support you along the journey.


We know from the experience that many companies implement sustainable development activities. However, they either do not classify them in this way or fail to communicate them effectively. Our company audit methodology helps to identify these areas, name underlying risks and find meaningful elements to build on.

Do you wonder how your company compares with local and global competition in sustainability? Do you feel overwhelmed by the number of reports, information, standards, frameworks? Our bespoke benchmarking tool allows evaluation, comparison and identification of best practices in a given industry. Quantitative and qualitative data form a solid basis to accelerate business transformation.

We partner with our clients to define and implement sustainable development strategies which transform business models to meet requirements of the future economy. Our focus on material environmental, social and governance issues helps to boost profits and improve ESG performance in the longterm. Our focus is on impact – we bet on projects that enhance the company value in the longterm. For us, effective sustainability strategy is focused on vital issues that are measured by significant indicators to drive sustainability performance.

Corporate responsibility takes into account social interests, environmental protection issues and stakeholder expectations in its day-to-day operations. We help assess the effectiveness of ongoing projects and develop a strategy for the coming years to protect the company reputation.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are an ambitious plan adopted by the United Nations. It includes 17 sustainable development goals and 169 assigned tasks, which are to contribute to economic growth, social development and improvement of the natural environment. We help companies, foundations and other organizations to assess their direct and indirect contribution to SDGs, define the relevent ones and link their future programs with the 2030 Agenda.

Preparation of each workshop is preceded by a detailed analysis of the client’s needs. The workshops inspire, equalise knowledge within the organisation in the field of sustainable development, CSR, ESG; support strategic processes and organisational change.

If you are at the beginning of your innovation or entrepreneurial adventure, you have a great opportunity to control your social, environmental and economic impact. We support ventures business model building, scaling-up and making strategic choices in line with the sustainable development principles.

Together with our partners, we help develop social innovations – services, products and solutions aimed at addressing social challenges.

We help to integrate climate change considerations into both project-level and strategic-level impact assessments. We advise on relevant to the company or project scope environmental factors to help minimise risks. We perform climate-change related scenario analysis to drive the decision-making process according to the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) recommendations.

ESG & Stewardship

We help private and institutional investors to find a right way to include environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors in their decision-making process.

We support our clients in ESG peer, sector, country or international benchmarking process. We use insights from different ESG benchmarks to define areas for improvement and help to define what matters most to the organization.

We provide companies ESG assessment to identify future risks and opportunities.

We create tailor-made scorecards for investors to help them asses ESG performance of companies in their portfolio and help in the decision-making process.

We integrate ESG analysis with financial valuations to support due diligence and decision-making process for companies.

We help investors side with the portfolio companies to help manage reputation risk and resolve key issues to improve companies’ ESG performance.

Communication & Stakeholders Engagement

Each company operates in a complex environement. Individuals, competitors, NGOs, public administration influence the company operations and depend on the firm’s activities. We help to define the stakeholders, relations and level of influence.

We design stakeholder engagement processes, feedback loops and feedback management within the organizations. We run dialogues with stakeholders according to the AA1000 SES standard.

Regular reporting of non-financial data helps to create value and communicate impact to the stakeholders: employees, investors, public administration, clients or business partners. We help our clients to collect, select and communicate the material data in an attractive and transparent way. We prepare data in accordance with the following guidelines: Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), Task Force on Climate Financial Disclosures (TCFD), Council for Sustainable Accounting Standards (SASB), UN Global Compact (UN GC) – Progress Communication, PN ISO26000

The communication of the company’s sustainability is the culmination of efforts and an indispensable element of building the company value. We develop communication strategies, create platforms and implement 360 degrees campaigns with a focus on tailoring the message to various target groups and ensuring consistency and attractiveness of the campaign. The campaigns implemented by our team have been awarded at Cannes Lions and SABRE.

Do you wonder what certifications and standards meet the sustainability needs of your company? Which will increase efficiency, reduce the risk, enhance your reputation? Do you consider certification of raw materials, processes, supply chain? Our team of consultants will guide you through the possibilities and help you prepare for the process.

We help to develop codes of ethics, diversity policy and supplier verification processes and embed them in the company culture through workshops, communication and e-learning tools.

We inspire, help face challenges, share experiences and provide a third-story for issues often faced by CSR or Sustainability managers. In full confidentiality, we help develop knowledge, skills and manage organizational change.

Regardless of the size of the established organization, implementation of the sustainability strategy is a change management process. We support our clients along the journey by implementing new solutions, tools and supporting internal communication and aligning key stakeholders.

We support companies and product managers in managing responsible and sustainable brands. We use design-thinking to help design a product to address customers’ needs, while maximizing positive and minimizing negative impact on the environment. We analyze insights, ingredients, packaging and product life cycle. We define the brand purpose and equity. We develop and deploy marketing strategy, create brand identity and design campaigns in line with brand spirit.