We are a group of experienced professionals with finance, strategic management, communication and marketing backgrounds. To us sustainability equals opportunity. We are inspired by business, science, policies, art and travel and we use those ideas to connect the dots in tailored-made strategies. We believe that every firm serves an important social purpose and if it does it in a right way and communicates it effectively it creates value for all stakeholders across the value chain. We believe in small steps that lead to big changes and we help our clients along the journey. The values that guide our work are:


We are “real” people working with others to help them improve their social, environmental and economic impact.


We believe that we have a lot of solutions and our job is to guide our clients through the opportunities and connect the dots in an innovative way to create value.


Robust qualitative and quantitative data, a thorough understanding of business needs and openness to life-long learning help us create bespoke strategies and solutions.