We inspire, change and help to enhance the value of small and medium-sized enterprises by combining sustainable solutions with financial results.

Our Vision

Only companies with sustainability driven business model which serve well defined purpose are able to deliver long term value for society and stakeholders.

How we work

Bespoke service

There is no “one-size fits all” approach. We are Client’s partners, our consultants are committed to understanding the business model, needs and challenges faced by each company they work with.

Strategic thinking

Even with the simplest and smallest projects, we try to understand the whole context. We research trends,concepts and analyse how they fit to our clients.

Systematic approach

We organize dispersed knowledge both in an organization and in the field of sustainable development. While choosing indicators and methodologies we are primarily guided by the situation and interests of the Client and its investors.


Being independent and uncorrelated with commercial interests we are able to operate more effectively and draw on our global experience.

Explore the ways to enhance value of your company, brand or investments through sustainable development