Science Based Targets Network for Nature (SBTN)

Why should we care?

INSPIRED | Corporate Responsibility has recently joined Science-Based Target Network for Nature. We believe that businesses can transform and grow without sacrificing natural resources. Strategies we develop for our clients aim to enhance the company value and at the same time are embedded in science. We go beyond analysing only climate change and emissions targets. Science-based targets are a great tool - measurable, actionable, and time-bound objectives, based on the best available science, that allows actors to align with Earth’s limits and societal sustainability goals.

What is SBTN?

Science Based Targets Network for Nature (SBTN) is one of the four elements of Global Common Alliance (GCA). GCA is a multinational company representing globally recognized businesses, advocacies, campaigning, science and philanthropy.

The main goal for SBTN is to develop an advocacy and information system to create a science-based network for all global leaders and apply it on a large scale. SBTN is willing to motivate actors from different companies and cities, investors, and policymakers to make people aware of the importance of the need to adapt to the new guidelines of sustainable development. Their mission is to empower citizens, cities, companies, and countries to create and secure a better future. Implementing SBTN into businesses would help to get access to new methodologies, regulations and sustainable policies.

Why we need this?

We have relied on our ecosystems for generations to protect ourselves from floods, diseases, pests, and carbon emissions. Unfortunately, in recent years, the scientists noticed that as a result of our actions, we lost species that were invaluable for our ecosystems. The degradation of nature has already started, and is becoming very dangerous for human beings. Each year, ecosystems generate about half of the gross domestic product (GDP). Collapsing ecosystems are a global problem and obviously do not contribute to human well-being, as they can cause diseases, extreme heatwaves, pollution, uncontrolled fires and biodiversity loss. Due to overexploitation and changing economic structure, increasing toxicity in ecosystems can lead to a lack of water and food security.

We are now facing local and global pressure on nature.

What do we need to do?

If we want to find the right formula to reverse the loss of nature, we need to reduce the pressure we place on it, learn how to restore and regenerate, and aim to transform our companies for the better. To help introduce positive changes into the environment, SBTN provides us with information and framework about how companies can align with existing social sustainability goals and existing science.

Why should we join SBTN?

The activities which go with ‘business as usual’ are causing the loss of nature. The necessary changes must be taken immediately and require the engagement of all leaders around the world. SBTN has already built on an understanding of nature-related risks and is willing to help others. By implementing SBTN, companies are getting familiar with policies and regulations, strengthening their reputation and increasing the confidence of their investors. What is more, by joining SBTN, we have access to opportunities to collaborate with stakeholders and improve our profitability. Existing sustainable tools, approaches, platforms and many more help us provide companies with proper knowledge and access to the best available science. By stabilising long-term solutions, setting precise goals, and ensuring equal opportunities, we can stop ecosystems’ degradation and turn our lives into a sustainability lifestyle.

The actions need to start today.

Would you like to discuss this article? Contact the author:

Aleksandra Augustyniak

Would you like to discuss this article?Contact the author:

Aleksandra Augustyniak

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